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The mental test in english (?) :)

I will try to tell about the mentalttest in English. Please forgive me for my lack of skills.

The first moment is contact, cooperation and play with the testleader who is a stranger to the dog. Kivi was happy to meet the test leader and was followed him with pleasure. When he went over hear as a judge would do, she accepted it without showing a great pleasure. Then the test lead and I throwed a toy between us and test leader tossed it on the ground. Kivi followed  happy the game. First time she took the toy up gently, the second time she grabbed firmer. I have compared with the average for the breed in Sweden, where there are many more Curly tested than in Norway. She showed greater pleasure in greeting and larger intensity with playing than the average of the breed.

Next is “the little rabbit”, where the eager to hunt is testet. There is a small mop drawn in zigzag along the ground. When I took the leash off Kivi she run after the rabbit and showed great desire for hunting and were incredibly proud when she came back with the prey. Hunting eagerness is good above the average for the breed,

After hunting is a passivity moment.. I'll stand completely still with my dog on a leash in 3 minutes and the describers observe what the dog does. It was boring 3 minutes. Kivi sat quietly and beside me all the time. She differs from the average of the breed, because she was so quiet. The ability to sit quietly and concentrated in passivity is a very good property during hunting.

Next moment a figurant with rain poncho comes out of the woods, running slightly stooped, rises abruptly and makes herselfs big and repeat this three times. Last time the figurant throws a toy into the air three times before she runs a little longer, pulls off her poncho and sits silent halfway hidden for 10 seconds, then talking for 10 seconds before she arrives and encourages the dog to play . Kivi barked when figurant came out of the wood and follow the  figurant with interest without interruption. She emerges when figurant encourages playfulness and is actively involved in the toy when figurant is active. Also here she shows greater playfulness than the average for the breed.

The next moment increases the tension, a coverall whose skyrocketing right before Kivi. She does a dodge without turning her gaze from the coverall, shows no threat behavior and she came to the coverall when I sit down and speaks with the suit and then she shows no remaining fear when we walk past coverall afterwards. A steady reaction for a 12 month old dog! Her first reaction is the same as the average of the breed, , but she let off steam faster.

From coverall we proceed to the “sound”. When we pass a tinplate on a box, a chain is pulled a long with a powerful sound. Kivi hooks herself and stops when the sound comes, but show less reaction than the average for the breed and let off steam quickly with no residual fear but with a good curiosity what in the world this was.

But it does not end with this, after a slight pause (there are 2 minute break between each moment) comes suddenly two ghosts against us. Kivi stands beside me and barks and growls at ghosts, occasionally she turns instead and looked at the test supervisor who directs the ghosts. She shows less need for control and less fear than the average of the breed. She goes up the ghost when I stand beside the ghost and takes contact with the ghost and finds to her delight that there it's only some nice people :).

Finally the test playfulness again and reaction when shooting with a 9mm. Kivi played even more actively than in the start of the test and shows that she is not negatively affected by the situation. When the shot comes, she shows no affected by them - she glanced in that direction and continued the fun. Finally, there is two shots while we stand still without changing situation.

As you can understand I am very pleased with what Kivi showed in the test.

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25.03 | 21:03

Hyggeligt at læse om dit og Lara besøg i FInland, Dejligt med en tæve, som er letparret. Held og lykke med de små

24.03 | 18:11

Så roligt för både dig och Lara! Vilken härligt tid som väntar. Det blir spännande att följa utvecklingen av alla nya små mini Kivis Vi önskar er all lycka!

04.12 | 19:28

Tack för att du beskriver övningarna och dina tankar kring dem, det är mycket intressant att läsa, mycket att ta till vara även för oss i början av karriären.

27.11 | 20:07

Duktiga hundar som tar allt med så stort lugn. Hoppas ni fick något riktigt gott i magen på puben Å nu ser jag Aina äta upp min yoghurt... bäst att ila....

Du liker denne siden